BlueLiquid SRBLPE+


  • Water based solution composed of specific surfactants, non-toxic and non-flammable. The BlueLiquid SRBLPE+ is formulated to remove and eliminate from surface, the following kind of soiling: grease, oil, solids, carbonaceous residues, various deposits…
  • The product has specific corrosion inhibitors for temporary protection
  • Registered by NSF
  • Without safety labels according to the NSF Standards
  • Compatible with the BlueTablet SRBT

Do not hesitate to contact us to obtain the best product for your needs and advices for a perfect profesionnal cleaning.

Product in workshop

Video presentation


  • PFCOFOL04P-100 – 20 Litres kanister
  • PFCOFOL04P-200 – 206 Litres tank
  • PFCOFOL04P-300 – 1000 Litres IBC container

Also in Concentrate version (Concentration = 20%)

  • PFCOFOL04C-100 – 19 Litres kanister
  • PFCOFOL04C-200 – 202 Litres tank
  • PFCOFOL04C-300 – 1000 Litres IBC container

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